Book Review: Finding Me

Finding Me

Brooklyn Taylor

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Elise Riley is a normal girl with a terrible mother. Elise has been told by her mother that she was worthless. Elise has been blamed by her mom for her father’s death. She has been verbally beaten by her own mother. Thad, her brother, is the reason she continues to live her life. Thad is always favorited by their mom, but he always supported and stood up for Elise. After Elise is raped by one of her friends, she is sent away to Humble, Texas by her mother. Still hesitant around boys, Elise meets Ford. Ford is the best football player in Humble High, but he doesn’t want to play. Since a kid, Ford has been pushed to his physical and mental ability by his father. Ford would rather not be in the spotlight and stay at home. After seeing Elise at her uncle’s barn, Ford is instantly attracted to her. He has never felt this way toward a girl. Elise is broken and has built a wall around herself. But Ford is willing to break that wall.
Rating: 5 out of 5


Finding Me documents a girl and her story of building trust and self worth. Elise is an amazing character with a heart shattering story. And while reading I fell in love with her and her strength. 

In the novel, there is a big message of the power of love through Elise and her brother Thad’s relationship. Thad was the reason Elise never gave up. He helped her and supported her when she needed it. When he died, I balled my eyes out. It truly broke my heart, but it was sweet how even though Thad wasn’t there, he still gave her the strength to go on and to love. 

Elise and Ford’s stories were an amazing representation of teenagers finding themselves and fighting for their choices. 

It was inspiring to watch Elise evolve from a victim to a survivor, and to see her love for Ford flourish. I highly recommend this book.
~ Rose xo


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