Review: Hungry


H.A. Swain

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In a community where food doesn’t exist, Thalia Apple discovers a whole new world filled with flavors with the help of her new friend, Basil. Thalia, a privileged girl from the loops, and Basil,a poor and troubled teen, must work together to save everyone from the government and to bring back food. In this teen dystopian romance, Thalia must fight against her own family and government in order to defend her, Basil, and the existence of food. Follow Thalia in this adventure full of survival, sacrifice, and love.

Rating: 2 out of 5

This book was a fun read, but honestly I found myself only being hooked at some parts of the book. I was easily able to put down the book at some parts of the plot. So, overall if you want a book that you want to read over a longer period, this book I would recommend. The story was interesting, although I feel the plot wasn’t strong enough to keep me hooked throughout the novel.  

Perfect read if you want:

  • Dystopian
  • Teen rebellion
  • Romance

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