Review: One Paris Summer

One Paris Summer

Denise Grover Swank

Available for purchase on June 7th, 2016

Preorder on Amazon


Sophie and her brother, Eric, travel to Paris to stay with their father for the summer. Still stubborn on her father abandoning her, Sophie only agreed to go if she would be able to practice for her piano scholarship. In Paris was her dad with his new wife and his stepdaughter, Camille. Camille automatically targets Sophie and messing her by abandoning her multiple times in Paris and teasing her about her fear of tight spaces. But Sophie soon meets her silver lining. Mathieu. He is handsome, smart, sweet, and funny. A plus, he has a real piano that Sophie can practice on. After many practices, their relationship begins to blossom. Will Sophie be able to handle her estranged father, evil step sister, overprotective brother, and her new romance with Mathieu? Well, it is safe to say this is One Paris Summer Sophie will never forget.



5 out of 5
One Paris Summer is probably now one of my favorite reads this spring! Denise Grover Swank flawlessly took me through Sophie’s adventure. You effortlessly flow through the story, while getting caught in plot twists that will surprise you. I applaud her in her decision in having the characters involved in realistic situations and then having relatable reactions, this help me connect with the other characters in their develop throughout the novel. I very much enjoyed One Paris Summer, and I am very excited to read more from Denise Grover Swank.
~Rose xo



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