Book Review: “The Distance From Me To You” by Marina Gessner

The Distance From Me To You

By Marina Gessner

RATING: 4 out of 5 

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Perfect read if you:

  • Want an easy read 
  • Want an adventure and romance book 
  • Want a strong, determined protagonist female lead

My thoughts: This book was very empowering to me as a female and how society doubts women and their abilities. I share McKenna’s stubbornness to be able to do everything alone and the opinion that just because I am girl doesn’t mean I always need help. I also understood her on how she felt that she needed to get away from everything and everyone. This book was good, but didn’t exactly pull me in or extremely impacted me like other books have for me. It is a good book for a easier read.

Summary: McKenna’s best friend backs out of a 6 month hiking trip they planned and McKenna is now determined to do the trip solo. She lies to her parents about going alone and sets off by herself. On her adventure, she meets fellow hiker Sam. Sam is hiking to get away from his abusive father. On his trail he meets McKenna and joins her on her hike. Follow McKenna and Sam on their long journey to find independence and accidentally find love.



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